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It has been said that you can't just learn to write. But life can teach you...

Dee grew up near the Welsh border in Herefordshire. Her father was in the printing trade, and later wrote a number of short stories for BBC Radio 4. He had also self published a number of his original short stories and new material, including poetry, into booklets, which sold well albeit on a small scale.

Since leaving Herefordshire she has lived in many parts of the UK. She now lives with her husband ( that's the guy on the other side of the page!) in Canada ( Toronto).

For some years Dee ran her own business designing and running narrative based games, and she has edited and written for publications in the same field.

As a logical extension of her interest in plot and character development, encouraged by her father, and after many years of fitting writing in where she could, Dee now writes full time.

Dee has written in a number of genres, including contemporary romance, historical fiction and horror. Her current work in progress includes a horror novel, an adventure novel based in Mexico and making use of her extensive research into Aztec society and culture, and one contemporary romantic novel.

A walk on the dark side...

Be still your bleeding heart...

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A long time ago, Graeme went to University ( Loughborough University of Technology) to read Electronic Engineering. It didn't work out. But after working in a Chemical Laboratory and starting training as a Student Nurse, he finally ended up in Bournemouth, England ( Bournemouth and Poole college) working as an IT support technician.

After five years working in education he later he moved on to work at a local authority ( Poole in Dorset, England). While there, he worked on system support, database design and development and the implementation of the council's first Unix network.

Having spent much of his time in the public sector, Graeme decided he wanted to move over the tracks to private sector work. After five years with the local authority ( perhaps a pattern was developing!) he took a post in the private sector at a small but very active software and consultancy house ( Blanewood Andrews Computing) in Milton Keynes where he specialised in networks, Unix support and disaster recovery planning. Five years later he took a post as a consultant with ECsoft UK in their outsourcing section.

While still in place, this unit was sold to Pink Roccade UK, a Dutch based group very influential in the development of ITIL and ITIL training who were moving into the outsourcing industry. Breaking the pattern of his working life, after enjoying three years in this post he migrated to Canada.

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