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Most people who wander by here will probably already have some idea who they are. For those who don't, who are Dee and Graeme? Well, they think they're still finding out. But in simple terms:

Dee and Graeme are a couple of ex-Brits now living in Canada. So far, they think this is a rather good idea. They were both born at very early ages. In fact, by an amazing coincidence, they were both born at the same age. Exactly how many seconds have elapsed since then seems rather tedious to calculate. So they don't. So there.

Dee is a former games writer ( those to whom Phildee Enterprises means anything will know more, others should be more interested in her future than her past!). She is now an aspiring and hard working novelist. One day she intends to get her private pilot's license.

Graeme is an IT Consultant/ Project Manager/ Technical Manager and bad poet. He spends a lot of non-professional time co-designing impossible IT projects with a code-genius he knows ( the last one started from a need for a page of printout and finished seven years later). One day he intends to learn to sail.

This is where you can find them when you can't find them because they're somewhere else.

Some of what you may find here is ' serious' ( resume, writing samples, that sort of stuff). Some is not-so-serious ( I-don't-care-what-you-did-last-Summer, we were enjoying ourselves...). Go where you like. If you can get there, we obviously didn't try too hard to stop you seeing it.

So there you are. Or were. Or aren't. Virtually....


Where next, Horatio?

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