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Consultant, Service Account Manager and Support Manager ECsoft UK/ Pink Elephant UK. March 1999 - March 2002

Client - Daimler Chrysler Fleet Services.
Pre-sales technical architect for migration of client environment from Solaris 6/ Intel to Solaris 8/ Sparc. Evaluated/ analyzed existing applications environments and scoped/ capacity planned intended platforms and environments. Defined and specified hardware platforms and developed project definition for procurement and implementation. Developed transition Disaster Recovery proposal. Presented and agreed proposal with client. Negotiated and agreed project with client. Project lasted three months. Project was successfully transitioned to new Manager before my departure from the company.

Client - Internal.
Defined architecture and developed the standards for internal and external Disaster Recovery and Shared Services offerings. Defined Terms of Reference, created standards for varying levels of failure and business contingency offering. Developed proposal from internal concept to client useable business offering involving multi domain, multi server systems linked to a Storage Area Network. My involvement with this project lasted some eight months. The project was successfully transitioned to a new Manager before my departure from the company.

Client - Daimler Chrysler Fleet Services.
Architect and Project manager for relocation and restructuring of heterogeneous IT infrastructure ( Solaris/ NT) and direct support staff of 15. After purchase by a new parent company, the client required new IT infrastructure, including highly available servers and highly available, fault tolerant network. Designed new architecture. Wrote proposal including forward capacity planning. Presented proposal to client. Defined and implemented project plan, including direct team management ( 25). Designed and implemented Disaster Recovery plans. Was direct technical resource for transition and implementation of Unix servers. The project included severing ties with old parent company, relocation, and integrating with satellite offices from the new parent. New infrastructure included clustered Compaq NT servers, clustered Lotus Notes and switched Fast Ethernet on redundant routers. This project was implemented over ten months. Two years later was directly requested by client for second, similar infrastructure move project to another site. The final live transition phase of this project was subject to stringent business requirements ( one weekend downtime window) with no acceptable risk of failure. This was successfully achieved. The project lasted some six months.

Client - Internal.
Co-chair of ISO9000 definition and implementation team. The team was charged with and accomplished achieving successful certification of the company Datacenter/ Outsourcing function. Defined revised Change Control, Incident Management and monitoring/ reporting functions. Defined and implemented staff awareness and training plans. This project lasted some ten months.

Client - Internal.
Unix Technical Support Group Manager. Unix support function was implemented by independently operating consultants with little inter-communication and low morale. Client perception of service was poor. Defined and applied structure to consultant resources. Defined, formalized and implemented Incident Control/ Management mechanisms and procedures, Change Management procedures and documentation standards. Defined and implemented formalized training and development cycles. Improved Incident management and reporting led to improved client perception of service and revenue improvement. Morale improved with better staff retention. Team size varied between 4 and 12. Directly managed team for two years.

Client - Big Food Group ( formerly Iceland).
Support of systems running 3 Tb Oracle production databases. Service Account Manager. Developed and evolved Service Level Agreements. Developed and evolved Service Delivery plans including direct management of technical resources ( up to 12). Personally designed and implemented improved system reporting tools. Defined and implemented improved service reporting leading to improved client perception of service and increased revenue from client. Was able to reduce month-on-month level of outstanding incidents from an excess of 80 to running average in single figures. Was able to improve implementation of Change Control mechanisms. Service Account Manager for two and a half years.

Client - New Zealand Milk.
Was made Service Account Manager for Unix support contract under risk of termination. Defined, negotiated and implemented revised Service Level Agreement. Undertook direct management of support function ( support staff of 4). Personally designed and implemented new Disaster Recovery plans. Defined and implemented new monitoring and reporting standards leading to enhanced client perception of service. Contract renewed and expanded to cover application ( Oracle) support. Service Account Manager for one and a half years.

Professional Experience - 1994 to 1999

Professional Experience - 1984 to 1994

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