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Systems Consultant, Blanewood Andrews Computing. 1994 - 1999.

Direct technical resource for total system ( Unix) lifecycle support from pre-sales through system administration and maintenance. Pre-sales consultancy included initial client contact, evaluation of business requirements, capacity planning and the development and presentation of proposals. Personally implemented acquisition and procurement management. Defined, managed and implemented project plans for installation phase of various client systems.

Defined and implemented client training plans for application and system management/ support functions.

Client - General.
Direct technical resource for remote support of 25 clients involving some 50 servers.

Client - Internal.
Deputy Chair of the management team for steering Service Desk operations.

Client - Internal.
Direct technical resource for support of in house systems ( 8 servers).

Client - General.
Defined, developed and implemented Disaster Recovery procedures and tools as new business offering for client base.

Client - Harrods of Lowestoft.
Designed and implemented Disaster Recovery procedures and tools for an environment consisting of 5 Unix servers, 6 NT servers and over 100 desktops running a twenty-four hour production environment. Identified critical business activities and resources. Developed Impact Analysis assessments for identified resources. Developed and implemented backup and recovery strategies. Defined and implemented revised architecture involving redundant systems and implementing a fault-tolerant network. Developed and exercised contingency scenarios for a wide range of possible failures. Trained the customer's staff in relevant recovery procedures and techniques. As a result, local staff, without third party involvement, successfully implemented the recovery process under live critical server failure. Was responsible for similar projects at a bank, container shipping company, and a wholesale manufacturing/ distribution group.

Client - Pretty Polly UK ( parent company - Sara Lee).
Project Manager for the redefinition and transfer of network address set in line with client's new parent company requirements. At that time, the client's internet connections operated through isolated dialup clients. A need to accommodate growth and improve network manageability resulted in a total network redesign and the requirement to carefully synchronize address changes with minimum loss of service. Defined revised address mapping ( over 1000 address set) and subnet structure. Designed multi-site redundant path routed network structure. Implemented new dynamic routing rules and new network equipment. Defined and managed live transition plan involving 40 client staff. Served as Project Manager for a similar project for a container shipping company ( James Fisher and Sons, UK).

Client - Key Lekkerland UK.
Served as consulting lead in the conversion of fifteen isolated members of a wholesale distribution group into a consolidated Wide Area Network using leased lines and ISDN. The project also included server consolidation and centralization. Defined the network structure, routing requirements, defined and procured hardware and was direct technical resource for system implementation.

Professional Experience - March 1999 to March 2002

Professional Experience - 1984 to 1994

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