How we got here....

OK. We Know how you got here. You did the clicky thing on the dragon. Well, if you're the type of person who thinks they can attack a dragon with a mouse, then I guess you can't be scared off anyhow! So on with the story.

Dee and Graeme Smith. Anybody who knows them can skip this bit and wander downstairs. For the rest...

Dee and Graeme got married in 1999. It was cold. That's all anybody who wasn't there needs to know! Of course, part of the reason it was cold was because it was in England, where cold and damp ( and grey) is a way of life. While they lived in Milton Keynes, the best city ( whatever the guv'mint says!) in the UK, they were not really small island oriented.

Having been heavily seduced by Dee's sister... Ah. Perhaps that should be rephrased. Having greatly enjoyed vacationing with Dee's sister just outside Washington D.C. Dee and Graeme decided they rather liked the North American continent. After trying to get a work visa for the US ( Graeme is in IT), the pair started looking at Canada. And looking, and looking and LOOKING!

Well, the more they looked, the more they liked. So after a good six months of research ( web searches, a Canadian colleague or two, chance meetings), they looked at the Canadian immigration system. Although Dee had an uncle in Toronto, Graeme could get more points, and he could get enough. So they got hold of the necessary papers, filled them in and sent them off. No. you

Close to two years pass. OK, there are events. A case number. An interview. and two years. Oh, yes. and one, final, beautiful envelope. With a pair of visas...

The house sold. The bags packed. A cab booked. One final run to work. One final run back. One final run down the M1 to London. So there they are. See that jet on the runway? See the maple leaf on the tail? They're off to Canada! Wanna come along? So click-a da mouse already!



Or perhaps there really is no place like Home

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