... and where here was...

OK. So there they are. Dee and Graeme. Enjoying the luxurious amount of leg room in Air Canada Economy class. Oh. And the rather good food. And the friendly ( you're going to get used to seeing that word!), efficient, cabin staff. Still with them? Of course you are. Otherwise you wouldn't be reading this! On with the motley!

One of the first things you find when you enter Canada is that Canadians seem very fond of the f word. No, not that f word! Friendly. Having touched down at Pearson International Airport ( Toronto, Ontario, CANADA!) Graeme and Dee find themselves standing in the line-up ( Canada speak for queue!) at passport control. Our heroes found themselves talking to just about everybody in the line. People who had been to the UK who were going to go one day. People who had no intention of going, but just felt like saying "Hi!" to a couple of total strangers. And every one of them was a people who said: "Welcome. Come on in, the water's fine!".

There was one final obstacle to their entry into Canada. an interview with Canadian immigration, who had the right and power to refuse entry to anyone they found unsuitable. Standing in the final line-up, everything sold, there were undoubtedly a few final moments of fear and trepidation. But the interview actually consisted of a brief chat with a friendly ( that word again!) and helpful officer who, after a mere three minutes or so, placed an all important stamp on their visas. Then, with a meaning no-one else had been able to give it before, he said " Welcome to Canada!"

So there we will leave our heroes. Standing in an airport interview hall, in a city, in a province, in a country they have never seen before. Where next? Why don't you come along and find out?


Or perhaps there really is no place like Home

©Crazy Canuk aka The MK Mouse aka The Ghost from the Coast